Korean fake snacks that they made by copying Japanese ones.

Saewooggang(새우깡) produced by Nongshim is fake Kappa Ebisen (かっぱえびせん) produced by Calby.

Choco boy(초코송이) produced by Orion Confectioner is fake Kinokono Yama(きのこのやま)produced by Meiji Seika.
Pepero(뻬뻬로) produced by LOTTE is fake Pocky(ポッキー) produced by Ezaki Glico.

Maijjyu(마이쮸) produced by Crown Confectionery is fake Hi-chew(ハイチュウ), which is produced by Morinaga & Company, Ltd
Sushi(すし) is a Japanese food.
Samurai(侍) are were the military nobility of medieval and early-modern Japan.
Geisha(芸者) are Japanese female entertainers.

Is Korea fake Japan? I believe it shouldn't be. Korea should be Korea. Why does it need to be compared with Japan?

Why do Koreans produce fake snacks instead of importing them? Why do Korean courts of law allow it? I don't like that. These are serious violations of intellectual property rights and trademark rights. Korea’s court of law has never ruled in favor for the claims by Japanese firms. What do you think? Korea’s court of law allows Korean firms to violate intellectual property rights and trademark rights like China does.

Is Korea fake Japan? Korea should be Korea, instead of being fake Japan. You should stop comparing Korea with Japan, or you will introduce your fake Japan.

Is Ireland fake Britain? Ireland is Ireland? Ireland isn't Britain, right? Why is it necessary to compare it with Britain?
Fish and chips are from Britain, not from Ireland.
But everything in Ireland seems like a fake and copy to me.
There are so many fake Lois Vuitton bags in Korea.
I wonder how much I should say before someone would take offense from me. Then, what about Korea? Is it fake something?

Baseball is an American invention.
What about cricket? Cricket is a British sport. Baseball originated from cricket. I don't know what I mean, but it's natural that another thing emerges from something.
But I believe the Korean snacks that I mentioned at the beginning are definitely fake copies.

Anyway, it is uncomfortable to watch Korean fake products that originate from Japan being introduced that they are from Korea.

Kappa Ebisen (かっぱえびせん?) is a Japanese snack food produced by Calbee of Japan. It is a crunchy, shrimp-flavored snack resembling french fries and is very popular in Japan. The version produced by Calbee America is called Shrimp Flavored Chips.

Kappa Ebisen was first sold in 1964 and has gained wide popularity among Japanese consumers as a snack food.
In 1966, Calbee began exporting Kappa Ebisen to Hawaii and Southeast Asia.[1] It is now sold in dozens of countries worldwide.
A similar product known as Saewoo Ggang (새우깡) has been produced by Nongshim of South Korea since 1971. It is not licensed by Calbee.

And so on, and so on...